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My New Book!

Whispers From The Goddess Realm

Official Release Date

I am excited to announce my first book will be published in the spring of 2024!

Whispers From The Goddess Realm is a spiritual poetry book that can be used as an oracle deck. It is imbedded with wisdom for self love, prioritizing authenticity and permission for all that the human experience holds.


Reading this book will feel like a divine embrace by the ethereal feminine spirit that is woven into everything.


Designed to be a resource and a tool to practice developing your own intuitive magic while connecting with a diverse tapestry of goddesses from cultures all around the world.


Guaranteed to build a solid foundation of trust in yourself and the journey of your life.

I bet you will even want to:

- Put this book on your Altar at home!

- Read it at the end of your yoga and meditation classes to your students!

- Share it with the women in your life!

and more! ;)

"Sand dunes of time

 Drift and reshape in our minds

 Only we get to decide

 What is weight

 And what is divine"

- Excerpt from Whispers From the Goddess Realm

What People Are Saying About
Whispers From The Goddess Realm

"Positive gems of poetry that spoke to me and encouraged my journaling and my personal quest."

"This book inspires you to awaken your power within, and spread light into the world. This is a great introduction if you are a novice to the goddess realm, and it's an uplifting tribute for those who have been honoring the goddesses for years."

"I love the oracle approach!"

"Empowering and inspirational. Really helped me appreciate and feel at one with the Goddesses, feel strong as a female, and also just as a human on this earth. Never had poetry captivate me so easily."

Dry Flowers
"A powerful oracle when you want a whisper from beyond the veil"
"A potent steeping in goddess wisdom."

"I felt embraced and warm and taken care of. This is such an empowering piece of art."

"The author states in her introduction, 'In the goddess realm, everyone belongs, everyone is embraced, everyone is connected to everything, and everyone is welcome.' This is exactly how her poems made me feel. This book is inviting from the very first page. The poems speak of embracing and harnessing your feminine energy. They empower you, while also infusing gentle reminders that you are to be held accountable for your own actions, not bend to others' opinions of you, and quiet the negative thoughts inside your head."

"Vanessa is the coolest. Buy her book, b*tches. Here’s your sign!"

"Modern Day Goddess:
- YOU. Born upon Planet Earth into the body of a human. The divine feminine encoded into every cell of every individual, including you. You are a living-breathing-human-goddess with unique strengths and qualities, including the potential for greatness"

Glossary Excerpt from

Whispers From The Goddess Realm

Untitled design.jpg


This book is a compilation of channeled poetry.


At the start of 2023 I could feel something new churning within the dynamic of my work. I have always wanted to publish a book. In fact, the very first vision board I ever made had the dream of publishing a book one day on it!

Then on a cool January morning a psychic channel opened up within me. The power of it was undeniable and completely took over. All I could do was sit down at the computer and let the words spill through me.

The duration of 2023 consisted of me refining the information into a book and learning about the publishing industry.

So, what is a poetic oracle of goddess wisdom anyways, you might be asking?

I psychically tapped into the essence of goddesses from all over the world, the words that came through contained so much love and wisdom I knew that this was not just for me, but something I needed to make available for anyone seeking their connection. And thus, a new branch within my career that I was feeling building at the start of the year opened up in a rapid rush.

What developed is an eclectic and inclusive work of poetry(which I have always loved to write), designed to embrace modern day living and cultural diversity.

Unity is the pathway to freedom for all on this planet, and I believe the invigoration of feminine energy holds a key to that reality awakening.

This book is versatile as it can be enjoyed purely for poetic value, but those with a sensitive eye will find messages to apply to every day living.

The adventurous spirit may choose to partake in its power of bibliomancy by sitting with a question or feeling, for a few moments, before flipping to a page to receive a guiding pathway towards the answer they seek.

"Victory is personal
And you will only pursue it
If it means something to you"

- Excerpt from Whispers From The Goddess Realm

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