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Here, to serve You

By combining Psychic Spiritual communication and psychic energy healing techniques

with Organic Super food guidance, Reiki,

Yoga practices and guided personalized rituals, mantras and meditations

one receives an experienced

tailored to their individual needs!

Vanessa at Ankgor Wat Cambodia

Psychic Reading

This is the best place to start if you are new to A Shanti Ki services.

* This session is best for those seeking clarity through their current life situations. Vanessa will look at the current energies in your space and relay messages from Spirit, your higher self, guides, passed away loved ones, angels, your past lives, your body, mind and emotions.  Receiving this information often brings clarity, ease and empowerment to those who receive a reading.  

Psychic Reading's are individually customized, confidential, and can include:(based on wants/needs)

* Soul Essence Reading - Your Current State of being energetically, another perspective of your current experiences, thoughts, emotional and physical states of being.

* Past Life Reading - this is where we look at your past lives to find clarity in and applicable wisdom for your current state of being.

* Aura Layers - Here we will look at the energy in your first 7 Aura layers/ Chakras, this gives us an in depth look at the way you take care of yourself, your emotions, your power, your truth, your communication, your view of the world, and the way you wish the world to perceive you.

* Questions - Personal questions you have, specific and or general regarding any life area.

* Spirit Guides, Angels, and passed away loved ones.

* Assisting in loved ones Spirits leaving their body and passing on.

* Officiate Weddings


Psychic Readings and Healing work is all done over the phone and long distance and does not negatively impact experience or accuracy


Pre Payment Package Specials available on my Acuity

Psychic Reading

Phone Sessions

- 30minutes: $65

- 45minutes: $95

- 60minutes: $125

- 90minutes: $185

- 120minutes: $245

- Wedding Officiant: Price based on location and time.

Go to the booking page for more details on pricing and availability:

Past Life Karma Clearing - Healing Session

Session is specifically to heal Past Life karma impacting your life currently.  This is a deep level of clearing and healing work around any karma.

This is my psychic version of a hypnotherapists past life regression therapy

Past Life Karma impacting your life currently can look like:

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Major Life transitions

- Complexity, drama & hardship in any kind of relationship - Romantic, family, business

- Any time we are processing intense emotional growth that is new or extensive over time

- self defeating beliefs that hold you back from living your best life, speaking your truth, embodying your sexuality, living in purpose

- issues with work, family, health, mindset, emotional processing, abundance, relationships

I think you are starting to get the idea, ANY thing going on in present time that is in need of healing will get worked thoroughly during these Pat Life Karma Clearing healing sessions.

In 90 min we will:
*Uncover your intention for deep karmic healing based on what areas you currently feel need supportive healing work
*Go into past lives that have active karma in your body presently
*Do clearing & healing on the karma and past lives we encounter
*Dismantle karmic programming layer by layer  in the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual body
*Replenish & rebalance your aura/chakras & cellular files with updated empowered past life files and energy programs that support you!

                                                                                             Check out the booking page for availability and pricing!

Psychic Healing

- This is an Add On in the booking link -

This is an add on for a healing at the end of a reading.

I currently only offer one type of full length healing session which is in the booking link under Past Life Karma Clearing.

The reason is because while I can offer you healing that is healing for you my passion and purpose is not to be here to heal you, which can subtly imply that you are giving your power away to another.  Instead, I am here to return that power back to you by helping you learn how to heal yourself! So I offer this add on healing as a booster to support you in your journey because we all need a hand of support from time to time.

Energy Checks

For Students of Psychic Development ONLY


Students of :

A Shanti Ki's 1:1 Psychic Development with Vanessa



Tune In & Tune Up on what you've already learned!


In session you will run your psychic tools & I will witness & offer feedback/guidance based on what's working well & what needs extra psychic love & attention!

Gain support & clarity in this healing update on your connection to psychic tools you've already studied!

These calls are great for maintenance and upkeep!   Think of it as a vitamin boost directly to your psychic tools and your connection to your psychic tools for deeper integration, advancement in your precision, clarity, ease, healing and more!

This is not the correct space for learning new tools.


Instead we focus on what you already know and make it even better!



Everyone is Psychic!

Our time together is designed to build & expand that psychic muscle you inherently have!

This offering is for:
* Anyone wanting to know themselves more fully & deeply, honor themselves in Authentic Embodiment, Build trust in themselves & Life, expand spiritual practices &/or strengthen their spiritual connection
* Those beginning a spiritual journey & wanting to open their own connection to higher self, guides, angels, etc
* Those having sudden awakening of Psychic abilities already & in need of guidance to harness this expansion
* Those advanced in their own healing modalities, space holding, community leaders, healers, etc, wanting to continue their development with a mentor

These 1 on 1 sessions are highly personalized to meet you at your current level of Psychic awareness & build from there!

- Do you have an inner calling to know how & feel confident in healing/managing your own energy & trauma?
- Do you feel ready to train & offer yourself as a healer to the world?
- Do you want to transform your life or help other people transform theirs?
- Are you ready to say yes to that inner call?

You have a purpose here on this Earth!
Together we will work intimately to bring it from behind the veil & into the light of your being!

Check out the booking page to read more in depth about what this one on one time includes!

Wedding Officiate
I am an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Guidance and Legally able to Marry lovers on their ceremonial day of witnessed commitment!  
Lets speak to see if I am a good fit to lead the ritual of devotion to love for you and your partner(s)

I am working on content, recordings, courses and many more offerings to share with you all soon!

Stay in the loop here on the website or give A Shanti Ki a follow on Instagram for the latest announcements!

​Guided Meditation:

One on One, and group.
Meditation is key to awareness!
Over the years I have studied multiple modalities and variations of meditation and I love sharing the meditation techniques I have learned as well as guide meditation creations of my own.
This used to be an offering I offered one on one or in groups.  I am now working to record and post a variety of mediation options!  Stay tuned here or on Instagram to keep up to date with the many new offerings launching in 2023!
These will be an ideal option for those who have never practiced meditation up to those who practice daily.  Expand your practice or learn tools that make it easy to begin a meditation practice of your own.


This is a yoga practice of my own design that combines the teachings of many branches of yoga, with our foundations in Hatha! Holding us sturdy and strong.  This is a slow paced practice where we hold each pose for multiple breaths up to multiple minutes with focus on Immaculate alignment!
Over time this yoga will allow you to do micro "inner surgeries" through muscle activation and can bring tremendous relief, strength, ease, comfort, and healing to the body and mind that house that beautiful soul of yours!

Often times we will use props to hold the poses correctly
(Don't worry if you don't have props, I will show you things around the house you can use instead!)

This is an intense practice that will work out your muscles deeply! But it wont be like working out!  It will be like heightened focus, intentional activation, and muscle soreness the next day probably (lol) from building all those incredible new connections!

Together, we practice extreme presence with the body.  Bringing awareness and a new sense of closeness with our body as well as our minds.

We always dedicate time to a little rest, breath awareness and meditation at the end as well.


Difficulty level will be based on previous experience, injuries, and current needs.
Meaning, this is a phenomenal practice for beginners to advanced practitioners.


Sessions are held on zoom
and no,
They are Not recorded.

This is because the intention in this practice of mine, that I will be sharing with you , is to bring absolute presence into your body.  Which means, no recording!!  Because I want you to be as deeply present as possible during the session, trusting your body and soul will remember the pieces it calls to needing most!


This is a practice in Studying Yourself!!

I call it Body Awareness Yoga

And it is a personal practice of my own curated over many years!

Join me in these special and powerful yoga practice sessions!

Usui Reiki Treatment


This is an ideal healing for someone who needs full relaxation.  Reiki is a gentle energy that allows the receivers body to completely relax equating into shorter healing / recovery time, deep relaxation & release of stress, and increases energy and vitality. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique.  Rei, in Japanese stands for universal and ki, stands for energy so, Reiki is the Japanese term for universal energy. 
This understanding may have been presented to you previously through the word Chi used in Chinese medicine or Prana used in yogic practices.
The understanding behind this universal energy is, that it is the energy which is in all life. 
Reiki can not cause any harm to the receiver, it is a gentile energy that assists the body in relaxation, stress reduction, and the body's natural healing abilities.
This healing technique does not involve massage and is preformed and effective through clothing, in person, or over distance and time. Yes, it can be sent to assist you in a future event! 
Reiki will lower your bodies energetic field to longer wave lengths that match the bio rhythms of the Earth.  Scientific studies have also shown that Reiki increases the receivers blood circulation.  This energetic frequency along with the bodies increased blood flow promote deep relaxation in the body which allows the body to heal, rejuvenate and restore itself. 

I no longer offer in person Reiki Treatments


I do offer a  Energy Healing Re-Boot treatment that is long distance(over the phone) and a mixture of Reiki and Psychic Healing techniques, Please check out my Booking page to read more about this healing offering.

Looking for Reiki in person?

I highly recommend the following practitioner for Treatments, Training & Attunement!

Denver, Colorado
Reiki with Holly

Plant Based Nutrition Support - lifestyle and cleansing.

I have a very personal story with physical health. 

Which I am happy to share with anyone at any time.  So please ASK!

In short: 

My journey has included hospitalizations, obesity, illness, malnourishment; 

I've experienced quite the range of physical spaces... 

Through all these experiences I have grown my connection to my body. I've learned to understand the communication from my body. 

I know what helps my body and the rest of my being to feel noticeably better!
This journey has aligned with the power of plants, which are strong body medicinal allies.

Don't understand what this means? 

Lets talk! 

I love to share what I have learned.

Vitality is as simple as a shift in priorities. 

I am supporting individuals to get Healthy with the best non-gmo, Organic, high nutrient, raw, Superfood, sustainable, plastic free products aiding people in the optimization of their vitality and global response-ability.

I share these products only because I have been taking them every day for 6 years! These products changed the health game for me!

What are they you ask? PURIUM

Have you heard about them? Lets talk, I am happy to share my affiliate code so that you can try them out and get a little discount while you are at it.


Get straight to these great products

Go to:

Refferal Code: vanessafarrell

To get $50 or 25% off your order! Whichever is greater!




1. Your Name : A Shanti Ki Ltd.

2. Your Address: 2635 S. Irving St Denver

3. Your Phone: 303-257-4732

As a Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practitioner, I am not licensed, certified or registered by the state of Colorado as a health care professional.  I am not a licensed medical physician and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe remedies for the treatment of disease.  The services I perform, whether in person, by mail or by phone, are at all times restricted to complementary and alternative health care services intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of general well-being.  I am prohibited from performing surgery or any invasive procedure, administer or prescribe x-ray radiation, prescribe prescription drugs, use general or spinal anesthetics, administer ionizing radioactive substances, use a laser device that punctures the skin, perform enemas/colonics unless board certified, practice midwifery, practice psychotherapy, perform spinal manipulation, practice optometry, directly administer medical protocols to a pregnant woman or a person who has cancer, practice dentistry, set fractures, practice massage therapy, provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis or recommend the discontinuation of a course of care recommended by a health care professional.  I am also prohibited from treating children less than two years of age.  In order to treat a child who is between 2-8 years of age, I must have a written, signed consent of the child’s parent or legal guardian:

The services I provide are as follows:

My professional degrees, training, experience, credentials and qualifications are as follows:

I took Reiki training with Reiki with Holly.  I took Psychic Spiritual Guidance training and completed my Ministerial Ordainment with Boulder Psychic Institute, The Church of Divine Light.  I have been practicing Reiki since 2012 and I have been practicing Psychic Spiritual Guidance Readings since 2015.

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