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See below
for reviews/ feedback & validation, from one on one sessions and from people who have worked with me in class/workshop settings

(at the end of 2019 I switched over to reviews via google)
You will find more recent reviews on: 
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"Working with Vanessa •AshantiKi• has changed and supported my life in some of the most challenging times... from a breakup of a beloved to remembering my own power & stepping forward in life with great courage. Vanessa is a connected channel that listens to spirit & shares a genuine transmission with No egø•• only love from the other side.

If you’re looking for guidance, support, an energetic clearing, or anything in that realm... Vanessa is your go to person!
Oh, also, her sound lounge is amazing. And she has the best superfoods!

You want what Vanessa has to bless your life with!!!" - Alec September 2019

"Vanessa is purely connected to Spirit. Her energy is beautiful and her readings are spot on. She is a gift to humanity!" - Navah October 2019

"To be in Vanessa’s presence is superbly soothing and supportive. You immediately feel at ease and heard. Her authentic, compassionate approach initiates a relationship of trust from the start. She is extremely good at what she does! Her ability to delve deep into realms that we don’t see, or have not yet been opened up to, is only one of the reasons to make an appointment with her. Her sessions completely support one’s self growth and inner exploration." - Holly October 2019


"Truly gifted and compassionate, can not recommend highly enough" - Stephanie September 2019

"I have received many amazing healing sessions over multiple years from Vanessa. Her unique, compassionate healing methodologies are conducive to a massively deep healing in a nurturing, Gentle Way. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who desires deeply impactful healing in a nurturing and caring environment." - Pepique October 2019

"Vanessa is full of life wisdom and compassionately guides you into more clarity and healing. Her wide range of intuitive modalities are highly developed and can help you take a next step on a practical and spiritual level. Her voice is soothing to the soul and her energy is kind, gentle, and empowering as she provides a safe space for you to be seen. I couldn’t recommend her more if you feel lost, are navigating important choices, health issues, relationship patterns, and much more." _ Michelle September 2019

"Incredible. She absolutely changed my life. I am GLOWING with positive energy, self reflection, and understanding. I would have never moved to Berlin, become an art director at one of my favorite firms, and been so blissfully confident in my abilities, nurturing towards my own weaknesses and appreciative of my time and life here without her. A true angel among us . She showed me a side of this world I never knew existed. thank you thank you thank you." - Molly October 2019

"So kind and accepting. Her expertise is evident and her motivation pure. I've also been privileged to be a part of both meditations and yoga which was finally able to reach me compared to other teachers I've tried. In all aspects her connection to her clients has shown a unique ability to reach a deeper understanding of self. Thank you!!"

- Amber September 2019


"My Readings with Vanessa have been just amazing. She has a kind Heart and she is spot on with every Reading I had with her. I have come to love her and believe on all her Guidance, she has never been wrong with me. I have come to love and respect the beautiful Gift she has. I would highly recommend her she is a Earth Angel and a Goddess. ...Love You Vanessa!" - Anna October 2019

"One of the most powerful psychic experience s I've ever had. She was thorough, kind, and the insight she provided has done me worlds of good." - Robert August 2019

"I received good healing assistance and intuitive guidance. As a healer myself, I am sensitive to energies and life can wear me out at times. I left feeling rested and energized after working with Vanessa." - Brandy August 2019

"Shes an Amazing psychic! I'm sure you'll have a great session! Highly recommend." - Brandon October 2019

"Vanessa is absolutely amazing ♡ I recommend coming to her for any of your spiritual needs!!" - Rechelle September 2019

"Vanessa is absolutely gifted and good at what she does. She was able to zero in a past life issue that was having effects into my current life. Knowing where the issues came from, helped me to clear through and resolve them." - Joel September 16th 2019

Take the time to book a session, it's worth it! I've been for Reiki, to get guidance psychically and to lay on her Sound Lounge therapy table and I always feel supported after receiving energetic healing & psychic guidance from Vanessa." - Kathy August 2019


"I highly recommend seeing a Vanessa. She helped my partner and I clear a lot of our issues and trauma. Definitely worth it. Thanks Vanessa!!" - Ariana September 6th 2019

"Vanessa is profoundly good at what she does. I highly recommend her for clear guidance and psychic feedback. She is a beacon of light in a struggling world." - Holly July 17th 2019

You are the best psychic out there!

I love how you find the silver lining and lesson in everything with such amusement and wisdom

October 17th 2018 - Brandon

I wanted to let you know that most of the things you said are coming true... Even the unfortunate thing with my dad's health. I'm in the middle of transition, I'm in Greece now.  I want to do my next reading when I am here in Greece permanently(soon) but I wanted to let you know how great you are!

August 1st 2018 - Olympia

Vanessa took me on a spiritual journey while she visualized my aura. I received invaluable insight into my own unique ways of being and acting that boosted my self-love and self-awareness to a whole new level. AMAZING!

I highly recommend a session.

July 26th 2018 - Peter

Vanessa is an immensely gifted psychic. She is super gentle, patient and kind with her words and approach. Her ability to tune in to my energies and get to the core of issues has allowed me to bring profound shifts in my life. I've worked with her uncountable times in the last few years and every single time, I've left the session feeling lighter, clearer and deeply connected with my inner self. I love Vanessa and highly recommend her services.

July 11th 2018- Garima

I'm thrilled that I met Vanessa. She's a gentle, grounded presence, and her ability to intuit personalized needs makes for a powerful and nurturing experience. I've had a handful of Sound Lounge sessions and I've loved them all! Thank you Vanessa!

July 11th 2018 - Bonnie

Also I want to say thank you so much for getting me on this cleanse! I have lost 15 pounds in 6 days!

March 14th 2018 - Jim

I had a very brief, but powerful reading with Vanessa this past weekend. 
The gifts she shares with this world are rare, and she is a truly warm, lovely person. 
I can not recommend her enough.

November 8th 2017 - Allynne


I have had three Clairvoyant Psychic Readings with Vanessa. Her images are on point with present time energy and added clarification to personal situations.

April 7th 2018 - Krista

I have had the opportunity to use the Vibro sound bed twice. Both time were well worth it, I found it to be extremely relaxing, which you don't realize how much until after the treatment. I would definitely recommend it.

Feb. 20th 2018 - Kathy

I met Vanessa at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Colorado Springs and she was spot on with her reading. A very kind and warm person. She gives great insight to the past, present, and future.

October 16th 2017 - Susan


Vanessa is an amazing psychic! Her readings are not only extremely accurate but also very helpful in the world out there. She gave me information about my next steps that helped me know how to respond to the situation i was in and which lead to the best possible results! 
5 star rating is barely enough!! She's amazing and i highly recommend getting a reading!

September 24th 2017 - Brandon

I met Vanessa a few years ago through a mutual friend and I felt immediately connected to her. She is a truly warm, welcoming, and caring soul. I feel very blessed to have met her and I only wish we still lived close by!

The thought crossed my mind many a time to contact Vanessa for a reading and I had a strong feeling I would have the opportunity, when I needed it most - and so I did late last year. It was a truly wonderful experience. I loved her unique and organic approach. I had goosebumps more often times than not and smiled hugely throughout at how on point she was. I didn't utter a word for almost a half hour as she led the reading. Seeing and hearing her insightful and intuitive, on-point reading really guided me through a time I needed it most. She is truly gifted and I am very grateful that she shared it with me. It felt very much like a loving therapy session that was much needed and I got so, so much from this experience. I highly recommend her to anyone considering working with her. Thank you, thank you Vanessa!

May 4th 2017 - Dervla

Vanessa has a gift. Her sessions are deeply relaxing and her intuitive readings are insightful. The session gave me healing perspective during a difficult time. I have already recommended Vanessa to my clients who are seeking Reiki and Intuitive Therapy.

Aaron - May 2nd 2017

Vanessa has a gift. Her sessions are deeply relaxing and her intuitive readings are insightful. The session gave me healing perspective during a difficult time. I have already recommended Vanessa to my clients who are seeking Reiki and Intuitive Therapy.
Feb. 2nd, 2017 ~ Audrey

"Vanessa is kind, insightful, encouraging, and comforting in her practice. My session with Vanessa left me feeling understood and my feelings, experiences, and efforts genuinely validated and acknowledged. I look forward to seeking her services in the future. Thank you, Vanessa." - Vinny Dec. 12, 2016


"Vanessa is a fantastic healer of multiple modalities and an excellent person to converse with. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her as both a coach and a recipient of her crystal healing." ~ Christopher Dec. 9th, 2017

"Very surprising pleasant experience,prepare to be amazed. I was so happy with her reading brought me a lot of insight that was helpful. Thanks Vanessa you are truly gifted." ~ Adriana Nov. 14th 2016


"Vanessa was great. I hope to do another session with her soon. It was my first time ever and she explained everything beforehand. Very professional. :)  I like that Vanessa explained everything as she did it. She was very welcoming. It was my first time having a house healing and my first time receiving Reiki. I plan on using her services in the future :)" ~ Midge Nov. 9th 2016

"So awesome -told me things I would have never known. Many of her observations are spot on-totally blown away!!" Kristen Nov. 9th 2016

So thoughtful and responsive. Got more than I was expecting." ~ Kristen Nov. 5th 2016

"Vanessa was spot on. She had a great understanding of my situation and gave me helpful suggestions on which course of action to take. I highly recommend her." Joanna G. 10/27/16

"After giving me a psychic reading, Vanessa provided one for my husband as well. Like me, he was overwhelmed and impressed by her accuracy and found the guidance extremely helpful. We highly recommend Vanessa and will come to her again down the line!" Kaitlyn September 26th 2016


"Wow ! My session with Venessa opened by heart and mind deeply. She is truly gifted with seeing the invisible realm. Her guidance is invaluable. Her generosity in sharing the insights and the visuals is mind blowing. Her psychic reading reassured me of this path I am on and what I have been discovering so far. Utterly grateful to her kindness and gift. Deep bow" ~ Penpa October 26th 2016

I know quite a few psychics and I can say without hesitation that Vanessa is not only the real-deal, she is one of the best.  During my reading with Vanessa, I was looking for answers and clarity.  I needed to make some decisions in my life and look at why some things in my life just weren’t working. In the less than one hour reading, I not only got an incredible energy healing, I also had SIX pages of very real and helpful information.  Vanessa didn’t just tell me what I already knew, Vanessa used what I knew and what she saw to tell me more- that which I didn’t know.  She didn’t just say, “hey, I can see you’re going to school.” She would say, “your going to school is...”  She wasn’t shooting in the dark or giving me vague information, she was practical, accurate, non-judgmental and incredibly loving. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone I know who needs some guidance in life.

"Amazing reading. Helped me realize a lot today. I feel at peace and very happy, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GET A READING FROM VANESSA YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT. Very caring and honest." ~ Princess  October 5th 2016

"She knew what she was talking about. A very good psychic!" ~ Babi September 25th 2016

"Vanessa is exceptional, and I can't recommend her enough!! She did a psychic reading and past life cleansing for me over the phone, and I could feel her energy around me the entire time. She was so on target, gave me incredible guidance, and knew things that only a true psychic could know. Definitely use Vanessa!!" Kaitlyn - September 23rd 2016


"If you want to know the truth...

Vanessa delivers you the heart of the matter. The deepest truth... with kindness and sensibility. She is a great and good psychic. Go to her for matters of deep concern." ~ Angel June 17th 2016

"Dear Vanessa has an unique way of reading and a pleasant way of presenting her findings. So very helpful!!!" ~ Angel May 9th 2016


"Vanessa is an extraordinary psychic with so much skill at reading without any prompts. This first time read was an amazing experience. I learned so much. Along with her seeing my present situation exactly as it is, she projected into both my past and future. She provided me with new insight and hope. And with few minutes remaining, she cleared some of the damaging images in my chakras from past lives and filled me with positive energies to take their place. She worked on clearing my physical and emotional pain levels so that I will be better able to handle my current troubles and resolve the issues that have been so hard to deal with. She understood me as the person I am and saw me as the person I can be. How amazing! Thank you Vanessa with all my heart!" ~ Angel May 6th 2016

Vanessa preformig Reiki on a Broken Toe

Josh A. - Flying free in Self Love Workshop

"A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the first Self-Love classes put together by two very mindful and giving persons: Vanessa Farrell and Tiffany Elenbaas. These two combined brought forth a well thought out and organized class. Everything was timed perfectly and the activities and exercises were thought provoking and engaging. Yoga, massage and lessons on good self-talk filled the rapidly passing hour and a half class. The class opened with breathing exercises and yoga. The yoga wasn’t too intense it was perfect for beginners, (That’s me!) and it set the pace for the rest of the class. Nothing felt rushed and both instructors knew how to walk you through the meditations and stretches. They both used their knowledge of the human body to teach us how to understand it and how to begin to treat it with more respect. I had never really thought before what sitting, breathing and thinking could do for my mind. Consistent reminders of our grace and strength were voiced throughout the class. Words and stories that made you reflect on who you are and the miracle that is you resonated straight from the instructors minds to my own. They knew exactly how to make you think good things about you. They also planned amazing activities that helped make happy You thoughts. For example, have you ever taken the time to write down five to ten things that you love about yourself? I hadn’t! It turned out to be a great way to make me think about what it is I like about myself and also what I’d like to improve about myself. We also learned how two tennis balls and a sock can be used as an aid to rub muscle knots out of tough to reach spots. These are just two examples of activities that really made me think about how great I am and I can be doing to make myself even better. Never before had I taken the time to think what it is I like or love about myself. I know there are many things about me I love but there is sometimes a fear of projecting all that I am into the world. From this class I learned that this fear is nothing more than poor self-talk within me. After taking this class I do my best to stay mindful of how I treat myself both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in taking it!" ~ Josh A

"Vanessa is on point, seriously.  She noted so many things I don't even tell the women I love. Vanessa truly has a knack for it.  Seriously, I'm usually a closed person, Vanessa hit on a lot of things, super impressed." ~ Sean March 16th 2016


"Read Me Like a Book. What an amazing reading. So different, so accurate, so direct and heartfelt. I can’t wait to call again. High frequency reader. Love your style. Call if you want the truth." ~ Joy April 24th 2016

Nicholas F. - Flying free in love Couples Intimacy Workshop


"Recently my husband and I attended a Flying Free in Love - Couples Intimacy Workshop with Vanessa and Tiffany. Although... the class was 2 1/2 hours long, it felt like time just flew by. We both left the workshop feeling very connected to one another in a way that we had not felt in a long time. This workshop started conversations about conscious touch and how important it is to practice in our relationship. Not only would I highly recommend this workshop to people, but I am very impressed with Vanessa and Tiffany's devotion to their practice. They are well educated and balance each other during the workshop. 5 Stars all the way!"

February 25 2016

James - 45min Reiki/psychic healing treatment


"Had my first ever 30 minute Reiki session with Vanessa over the Valentines weekend. The results far exceeded my expectations!!"

February 18th 2016

Holly M. ~ Flying Free in Self Love Workshop Co-Taught.


"I participated in this workshop and I absolutely loved how both Vanessa and Tiffany held space together. They are a beautifully gentle, integrated team and pose some wonderfully thought provoking questions on self love. I came away from this workshop with many gems. Thank you for a rich, involved experience!"  Holly

February 11th 2016


Trevor E. ~ Attended, Reiki, Psychic Readings, & 3hr Self Love Workshop


"The combination of physical and internal working, has personally brought me much growth, and given me the tools I need to better myself physically, and internally. Healing in a most beautiful way. Vanessa has played a significant role in my personal growth, of leading a healthy, and fulfilling path. And at such a great deal, how could you say no? Nothing to lose, and I promise you'll gain so much. The moment you step into her space, you'll know her passion is real and she loves what she does."

February 8th 2016

Christina L.

Attended online class and Boulder Psychic Fair January 24th 2016

        "I love that Vanessa is a very gifted healer who is full of love and light.  That she is always trying to expand her knowledge and share it with others who seek it as well by doing things like hosting this class, inspiring others to do the same."

~ January 27th, 2016

Be Yates: Recieved a 90min Psychic Reading/Healing

"I felt held and guided through a very deep healing journey with Vanessa. Your ease and presence allowed me to surrender where I thought we should go, and this trusting allowed me to release and let go of stuff I was holding onto that was no longer needed. This made space for more ease and peace."

~ January 5th 2016

Theresa's Experience: Aura Chakra Healing/Reading 30min


"I wanted to reach out and thank you again -so- much for your help on Saturday. It really made a difference, one I can feel every day in my mind and my body.. I just feel so at peace and aligned. Hearing the messages, I knew in my mind, later affirmed by your reading, felt like some kind of unlocking.

I'm -so- grateful for that. Thank you for helping to put together the fair and holding non-judgemental space. I'm glad to have met you. Keep on shining your beautiful light."

~ January 4th 2016

Reiki with Holly ~ My Reiki Teacher :) ~ sent in this after recieving a treatment on a sprained toe.


"Vanessa Farrell, my recent initiate into the practice of Reiki, and who is very often my teacher, takes my foot into her hand and works as the beautiful conduit that she is, to ease the pain in my sprained second toe. Vanessa is already an immensely strong channel, the results today: less pain and no swelling." ~ Holly August 8th 2012

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