A Shanti Ki

"I started A Shanti Ki  with the intention to share peaceful energy through the process of healing, as this isn't often the experience.  I know it wasn't mine when my health was at its worst.  Being able to find ones individual, internal, peace is key to improving ones experience. I want to empower people to heal themselves and bring clarity to their journey.  Essentially, bringing you closer to you!


The modalities used aim at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Healing starts within the energetic field and creates a ripple through our bodies and into the world we perceive. Lets help each other grow, with ease!" ~ Vanessa

Vanessa Farrell has received certifications in Reiki, Yoga, and Psychic Reading/ Healing.  As both Teacher and Student she understands the importance of personal development and continues to train within the world of Holistic Health.


Current credentials: Minister of Spiritual Guidance (Psychic), Plant Based Nutrition and Superfoods health coaching, Usui Reiki Master, Guided Meditation Teacher and Instructor of Body Awareness Yoga.

Places of Study:

* Reiki With Holly.  Denver Co. Certified in 2012 

* Wise Living Yoga Academy in Doi Saket Thailand. Certified in 2013.

*The Boulder Psychic Institute in Boulder Co. 2015

*The Church of Divine Light Ministerial Ordainment for Spiritual Guidance 2016. 

Who is Vanessa?
Through extensive international travel, Vanessa has been a witness to the ways of the world, encountering and experiencing things such as poverty, hunger, and disease. Being immersed in these conditions ignited her passion to help people.
From a very young age,Vanessa has been a source of Light to the young, the old, friends, family, and those who have just briefly crossed paths with her. She has acquired knowledge of ancient practices to help others from a place of certainty, compassion, and understanding. 

"Love one another and help others to rise to their higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy."

Sai Baba

Intention in a name:

A Shanti Ki was created in 2014 by Vanessa Farrell. Shanti (shawn T), is Sanskrit, taken from her studies in traditional yoga, and stands for Peace.  Ki, is Japanese, taken from her Studies of Reiki, and stands for energy.  So, A Shanti Ki, symoblizes, A Peace Energy.  

Our Community


Vanessa is a big supporter in the local community movement.  She strives to connect with community members and create a network of individuals who support each other in the pursuance of their truth and dreams.


Reach out to her for more information on events & trade opportunities within the community.


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