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Welcome to A Shanti Ki

For those on the path to Awakening the radical
inner-connectivity at the heart of existence

I am here to initiate your transformation to live life fully Alive


My name is Vanessa.  I'm an open transmission channel for divine source (spirit) information.

I am here to support you in your ever evolving human life by bringing you closer to YOU!

I do this by spending time with you.

I am a priestess of Universal Love by Human Design, an embodied incarnation of a fingerprint of Archangel Michael, and with all my psychic channels of information source open in support of you, directed at the success of all aspects of your unfolding human journey, powerful transformation occurs in a short amount of time!

What are my psychic information channels you may be asking?

I look inside humans, directly at soul.

I am Clairvoyant;
Meaning, I see images that relay information of energy.  You can think of this as seeing & translating the Hieroglyphs of your Soul.

I am Clairaudiant;
Meaning, I hear information that is not the same as hearing with the ears but an inner sensitivity to the sounds of energy.  This is a deep listening.

I am Clairsentient;
Meaning, I feel information, sense it, within my body. I feel energy information in my body.

I am Claircognizance;
Meaning, I just know things. I know these things without an image or sound or feeling to connect that knowing to logically.

I am a Medium;
Meaning, I see & communicate with beings not in bodies or of this dimension; Passed away loved ones, angels, aliens, spirit guides, ancestors, other human ghosts left on this plane and non-embodied entities of all sorts and dimensions.

I am a Channeler (also known as a Trance-Medium);
Meaning, I have the ability to keep my body awake in a trance state and consciously/spiritually step out of my body & allow other spiritual entities to communicate & provide healing frequencies through my body vessel while I remain in Control and hold space for this to occur.  This also gives me the ability to give healings regardless of the distance or location on earth.  I leave my body and zip over to yours spiritually!

I am Telepathic;
Meaning, I can connect into people's minds to get a better understanding of how their thoughts are programmed and either supporting them or working against them. So yes, during session I may speak your exact thoughts back to you. This skill can be seen as scary by some.  I promise, I am not invasive with this skill(or any of my abilities for that matter).  I use telepathy in sessions to get a better understanding of how your thoughts, words, beliefs and analyzer are supporting or working against you.

When I'm working with people I am looking at the energy of their soul essence directly, in present time.

I see, hear, feel & know information that tells me where the person I'm sitting with is at in life, how they feel, what their thoughts are telling them, what's happening in the world around them, how they got to where they are & easily implementable next steps for their transformation & future creation.

I set the container for readings to align in divine perfect timing for the most receivable and supportive information to come through.

I walk with people wile their lives are transforming

and when people are ready to activate movement & transform, people find me!

I also hold space, and counsel, for the leaders of this world on a mission to embody the spiritual ascension taking place globally.

Sessions help people feel seen, understood, empowered, calm, worthy, supported, confident, have clarity & acceptance when it is a time of surrender, and bringing more ease in where they are in their personal growth and on their personal path.

No matter what life is presenting to you, you are capable!

And I am here to support you in remembering, activating and empowering that eternal inner fire!

We change the world together.  I am here to remind you how capable you are of fulfilling your part and how okay it is to be human.

Our time together can be directed at all life areas.

I will help you see how to re-set mind programing, non-supportive belief systems, and energy blockages, build your own connection to your higher self/Intuition &/or guides, process any kind of current human happening, prepare for meetings with death, open up to deep unconditional love for yourself and within yourself, and so much more!

 I reflect to humans their true spiritual value, and walk in actions that honor their human worth, passion and highest pleasure in being alive.

All I do, is intended to support humans in their journey of loving themselves unconditionally so that they may meet the life unfolding before them with empowerment and joy. I support the cultivation of health in all walks of  life experience! (Mind, Emotions, Spirit, Body, Relationships, Purpose, Joy, etc.)

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- listed in MST, mountain standard time -


MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00am - 4pm 

Saturday, Sunday & hours outside of regular availability by special request only

ALL Appointments must be pre-booked

All Sessions done over the phone

(And WhatsApp - for my international clients)

YES! I work with clients all over the world!


* My Calendar!

click link to schedule & block out a date/time that is best for you!

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Health is a Choice

It is important to understand that true health has multiple fundamental elements.

A healthy body feels strong, capable, energetic, agile, rested, pain and illness free. Has clear glowing skin, indulges in movement and rest. A Healthy body also leads to more ease in cultivating a healthy mental and emotional state of being. 

A healthy mind experiences supportive thoughts, clarity, ease in decision making, understanding of multiple perspectives, inquisitiveness, curiosity, focus and knowing of ones self worth and capability to meet and process and deal with anything that life may reveal before them.

A healthy emotional space allows for emotions to come up, to be experienced, be expressed in non-violent healthy ways and then expanded through - a letting go of identifying with the emotion rising. This is also the ability to choose ones reactions within the depths of those emotions and contemplate or even re-format to alternative perspectives outside of that which the emotion is painting. This space also contains a deep accepting patience for the emotions to be present as long as they are.

A healthy spirit finds; internal peace, feels connected to others and the world around them, finds enjoyment in the journey, experiences amusement often, feels gratitude often, contributes to and is received for work that brings them fulfillment, acceptance of themselves and others, certainty in their ability to overcome any obstacle life places in their path, recognizes their inherent and interconnected value.

A healthy relationship space contains presence, intimacy, vulnerability, clear conscious non violent communication, expansion, play, curiosity to see understand and support self and other, propels supporting the pursuit of happiness within oneself and within the self of your partner/s, commitment, consistency, clear agreements, freedom, radical self expression, emotional safety, empowered sexual embodiment & union, encouragement of dreams & goals, exploration & adventure, support in space for growth, gratitude patience and bliss in the simple day to day, integrity, reliability, and an overall loving openness.

At A Shanti Ki you will receive a compassionate consultation, a powerful healing, and applicable recommendations to extend the positive results experienced during the session; all geared to attaining growth in your health of mind, body, emotions, spirit, relationships, career, purpose, and overall human life experience so you may choose your life creation!

I support you in the unfolding human journey and realization of self empowered unconditional love that we all are!

Let us co-create life vitality!

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