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"Bringing you closer to You." 

Do you seek?

- A life lived with confidence, passion, joy, understanding, connection and fulfillment?

- to feel worthy, understanding, clarity, energetic, certain, relaxation, rejuvenation?

- to have purpose, motivation, focus, courage, clarity, perspective, vitality, rest or a total life re-set?

- to be healthy?

To have health in all areas of your life? Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy emotional states of being, healthy spiritual connection, healthy relationships, healthy finances, healthy sense of purpose?

If  you said yes to any of the above,  you will benefit from a session with

A Shanti Ki!


 Before we explain how, it's important to understand that true health has four fundamental elements.

A healthy body feels strong, capable, energetic, agile, rested, pain and illness free.

A healthy mind experiences tranquility, supportive thoughts, clarity, ease in decision making, understanding of multiple perspectives, inquisitiveness, focus and knowing of ones self worth.

A healthy emotional space feels at ease, allows for emotions that come up to be experienced and let go,  and gives the ability to choose ones reactions and perspective.

A healthy spirit finds; internal peace, feels connected to others and the world around them, finds enjoyment in the journey, experiences amusement often, contributes and is received for work that brings them fulfillment, acceptance of themselves and others, certainty in their ability to overcome any obstacle life places in their path.

At A Shanti Ki you will receive a compassionate consultation, a powerful healing, and applicable recommendations to extend the positive results experienced during the session; all geared to attaining growth in your health of mind, body, emotions & spirit.

I help you to know you are exactly where you need to be

See you in a way in which you can see yourself

so you may choose your creation

I support you in the unfolding human journey and realization of self empowered unconditional love that we all are! 

Let us co-create life vitality!

Health is a Choice

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